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8Km from EnjoyNature B&B

Lahti Sibeliustalo - Famous Concert Hall

Built of Wood and Glass

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1.5Km from EnjoyNature B&B

Historical Church

One of the oldest Middle Age churches in Finland (built 1495-1510)

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8km from EnjoyNature B&B

Sibeliustalo - Music in Glass and Wood

Beautiful acoustics

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3Km from EnjoyNature B&B

Alvar Aalto - Architect of Ristinkirkko Lahti

Alvar Aalto (1878 - 1976) - architect and designer

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7km from EnjoyNature B&B

History of Finnish Wars

Finland became independent from Russia in 1917

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8km from EnjoyNature B&B

Longwave Radio Towers

The old radio station "Lahti" towers

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