Cancellations must be received at least 28 days in advance of reserved date for return of deposit. No refunds for early departures.

  • More than 28 days notice – 100% refundable
  • More than 14 days notice – 75% refundable
  • Less 14 days notice – 50% refundable
  • Less than 7 days notice – your booking is non-refundable and non-transferable

Check In is from 16:00

Check Out on the day of departure by 12:00, after which the door codes will no longer work.

Room occupancy: We welcome children and can provide by prior arrangement and free of charge, a travel crib. You need to inform us beforehand, not all double rooms are suitable to accommodate a travel crib. We do ask that you provide all your own crib bedding. EnjoyNature B&B is, however, in no manner child-proof for toddlers or children. For guests bringing a child, the child is to remain under the guest’s full and complete control and supervision at all times. The guest accepts full and complete responsibility for their child’s behavior and will not hold EnjoyNature B&B liable in any way and will indemnify and hold our B&B harmless.

Age Limits: The Customer must be an adult. A minor can stay in our B&B provided that at least one adult person is staying in the same room. Exceptions can be made for large families.

Noise: Each guest has the right to a peaceful accommodation. Especially after 22:00 and until 8:00, the guests must avoid loud speaking, playing music or other noise that may disturb other guests.

Pets: Dogs can be accommodated in certain rooms. Except certain aggressive breeds. To bring another pet than a dog, you'll have to contact the B&B management.
We welcome two dogs of any size for an additional fee of 25 euro per night. Both dogs and cats are accepted, but pets may not be left unattended in rooms. Dogs can receive tennis balls and treats and there are walking paths on and around the property.
Keep your dog on a leash, also inside the hotel.  Your dog might be well-behaved, but it could encounter another guest’s dog that isn’t, leading to barking or fighting.
If you must leave your pet unattended for a short time, bring a crate. Nervous pets can wreak havoc on an empty room, racking up expensive damage fees. If your dog barks when left alone, don’t leave it by itself for other guests’ sake.
Inform housekeeping if your pet has an accident. You could face a fee if you don’t, and we have specialty cleaning supplies that can take care of the mess in a hurry.

Guide dogs are always welcome free of charge at our B&B.

EnjoyNature B&B is not responsible for your valuables. Make sure that the doors are locked when leaving the room or the building.
EnjoyNature B&B does not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees.

EnjoyNature is a NON-SMOKING establishment. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes and making an open fire (incl. candles, incense and burning of other similar objects) in the rooms and in the other premises is absolutely forbidden and may cause an automatic fire alarm. The person acting in a breach of the prohibition is responsible for all the costs related to the alarm, maintenance and cleaning.  In the event of fire alarm activation caused by the guest’s misconduct the penalty in the amount of 800 € will be charged. Thus, please be kindly advised to make sure that smoke or any other vapors are not aiming the smoke detectors in the room.

Room Cleaning: The room will be cleaned during the accommodation only if the booking has been made for five (5) consecutive days or more, in which case a basic cleaning will be performed every fifth day. Fresh bedlinen is available from the manager for 8,00 €.

Consumption of Alcohol is allowed. For guests abusing this privilege, as determined by EnjoyNature B&B, will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

The use of the Big Kitchen is restricted to staff use only, for the health and safety of our guests.

Damages and Breakages are the responsibility of the guest. Please take care when staying on our property. We ask that you do report any incidents when they occur. We do not normally charge for minor breakages, but we may if the damage or breakage is significant.

EnjoyNature B&B aims to provide all their guests with a pleasant and safe customer experience. Therefore, guests must abide with good manners and behave in an appropriate manner on the B&B premises. The guests are not allowed to cause disturbance to other B&B guests or to those living in the vicinity with their behavior, by causing damage to the property or otherwise causing trouble. The guests are also responsible for the behavior of any other person they have allowed on the premises.
EnjoyNature Bed and Breakfast reserves the right to terminate the balance of any guest’s stay without refund for any behavior that is in violation of the above Conditions, or that disrupts the operation of our B&B. Guests asked to leave will be charged for the entire reservation. Other fees may be assessed related to missing or damaged property, cleaning fees, loss of room use fees as appropriate and determined by EnjoyNature B&B.
In order to maintain order and secure the safety of the guests, there may be recording camera surveillance on the exterior doors and the lobby of EnjoyNature B&B.

Groups: The price offered to each Group Booking is entirely at our discretion. A Group Booking requires a separate approval process.

Force Majeure: EnjoyNature B&B shall not be responsible for any damages, delay or failure to fulfill a contractual obligation arising out of a circumstance or obstacle beyond the control of EnjoyNature B&B that EnjoyNature B&B cannot reasonably have been required to take into account at the time of booking or afterwards, and whose consequences it could not reasonably have prevented or overcome (force majeure). The term force majeure shall include among other things, without limitation, fire, water damage, war, state of emergency, natural disaster or a prohibition or decree from authorities that causes the B&B to become partly or entirely unavailable.


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